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RHI Installer of the year

Husky Heat Pumps has won the RHI installer of the year award at Palace Hotel, Manchester on Friday 19th June 2015!! We are a multi award winning company after winning the Collaboration of the Year award at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Mike KellettOur CEO Mike Kellett looking very proud.
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H&V Awards 2015
We are delighted to announce Husky Heat Pumps, emh homes and Wellwarm won the Collaboration of the Year awards 2015 at The H & V News Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London
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So what is an air source heat pump? To keep the explanation simple, Husky air source heat pumps are electrically driven and utilize the energy in the air around us, converting the energy into hot water for radiators, under floor heating and tanks for showers/baths etc. Even at very low temperatures there is enough energy in the air to make an air source heat pump far more efficient than the most efficient gas boilers. For example, Husky Heat Pumps are a market leading 415% efficient (gas boilers max 85% efficient when used in actual UK conditions) with an outside temperature of 6/7˚c. This means for every 1KW of energy you use, you get 4.15KW in heat! The result is much lower bills for your home.

Air to Water Heat Pumps utilize existing pipes and radiators, enabling installation to be completed within just two days. Air Source Heat Pumps are the ideal solution for areas off the Gas Grid. We even show significant savings against the most efficient Gas Boilers (at current Gas & Electricity rates). Add your expected savings to the imminent Renewable Heat Incentive and you will see why Heat Pump Installations are expected to grow ten-fold over the next eight years.

At Husky we have a simple yet superior approach to heat pump installations enabling us to heat all types of properties which other brands cannot heat. We successfully achieve an efficient installation on EVERY installation!

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