save money with heat pumps

Do you really save money with a heat pump?

To give you an example, we will apply electric baseboards and other types of fuel. To find out more about the running costs of the heat pumps in the UK.

We have already discussed the average monthly prices for the operation of the ductless mini heat pumps. The sum totals about 47 GBP monthly. At the same time, the average houses, which we have visited during the recent years, spend about 2,260 GBP a year or even more.

We have observed the installation of a single unit in your house or any place, where you can spend the greatest part of your time. It is usually the main floor of the house.

Before we can compare the costs, it is required finding out what is the price of heating the home area in general for today.

For instance, you have three baseboard heaters of 1 kW in your apartment. And all of them work in order to heat the whole space. If we make some calculations, we will see that they require 3 kW of power in total in order to heat a particular home area.

We can make a conclusion that it is necessary to keep the heating source you apply at home on for about 70% of the time in order to maintain the appropriate indoor temperature.

To better understand the situation, let’s look at the calculations.

The calculation of the spending on the three 1 kW baseboards operation per day/month

First of all, it is required calculating the amount of time your heaters are kept on every day.

24 hours * 70% of time (the heaters are on) = 16.8 hours

Our next task is to find out the amount of electrical power required. Every baseboard needs 1,000 watts (1 kW) of energy. Thus, all the three heaters demand 3,000 watts or 3 kW.

The next step is calculating the kilowatt-hours. The Network Service Provider bills the customers for the electrical power in these measures. To get this information, we require multiplying the amount of time the heaters are on by the amount of electricity applied (Kilowatts). Let’s make the calculations:

16.8 hours * 3 kW = 50.4 kWh

We have understood which number of kilowatt-hours we need every day in order to heat your house. Now we will get to know the amount of money we should pay. Thus, let’s multiply the number of kWh by the rate of the Network Service Provider, which is $0.14947.

50.4 kWh * $0.14947 (per kWh) = $7.53 a day

Let’s look at the total amount of money we will have to pay for a month of those heaters application:

$7.53 * 30 days = $225.90

Thus, we have calculated the average costs, which are:

  • $7.53 daily
  • $225.90 monthly.

The price is quite considerable, even if we take into account the fact that electricity is the most expensive source of energy.

How much money will a heat pump save me?

If you still doubt in heat pump money saving, you can compare our calculations described above with the results of the heat pumps. The operation of heat pump systems is based on a principle 3:1, which means that they take very small amount of electric power producing 3 times more heat. At the same time, any types of baseboards work on the principle 1:1, which denotes that they take and produce the same amount of energy, which is not that advantageous.

Moreover, only 1 heat pump located in a house with the power of 12,000 BTU can replace up to six heaters, while the cost of its operation will be the same as only one baseboard has (about 1,000 watts). Let’s just make the calculations and compare the results:

One average baseboard requires 1 Kilowatt of energy, while 6 of them need 6 Kilowatts. Working about 70% of the time (which is 16.8 hours), they need 16.8 hours * 6 kW = 100.8 kWh. The total cost will be about 13.1 GBP a day, which is 393 GBP every month. At the same time, the work of a heat pump (with the equal level of energy production) will cost about 53 GBP monthly.

Let’s look at the average monthly bills for various types of energy:

  • natural gas (depending on the property size it might total 33-66 GBP)
  • dual fuel (66-137 GBP).

The payments for the gas are almost the same but this type of fuel has lots of harmful emissions.

Gas central system is used with a boiler and radiators. There is also liquid petroleum gas, which is applied in the houses without connection to the central system. The average consumption of the natural gas is 13,500 Kilowatts a year, which costs more than 600 GBP. In the case of a heat pump, you can pay not more than 600 GBP for the electricity in general. LPG will require even more money for the average consumption of 12,300 Kilowatts (more than 800 GBP yearly).

The oil central heating demands about 500 GDP for the yearly consumption of 12,500 kW. However, the system is not stable and greatly depends on the house insulation, weather conditions, and your location in GB.

The stoves are another way of heating. Their cost varies from 400 to 2000 GDP even without the installation. Besides, you’ll need to buy and store logs (with the average annual cost of 200 GBP) or coal (with the average annual cost of 250-500 GBP).

Thus, the heat pumps usage is cheaper and more efficient.

All figures and numbers are approximate and stated for information only. Figures for your property may vary. Subject to survey.

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How much money can i save with a heat pump?