How to install a new central heating pump?

Why do you need a central heating? To heat up every room of a house with the same temperature. Going further, you can install individual heat gauges on every battery of every room that needs heating and set them at your own taste and discretion. If someone of house residents feels too cold or too warm in own room, it may be corrected within seconds with the effect taking place within an hour or even faster.

Central heating is more energy-efficient than heating every separate room with electricity (air conditioners, electric heaters, including infrared ones), as it warms entire house evenly (despite minor variations of temperature of every room, if any). When you leave as many doors open as possible inside your home, you also let heat wander through your dwelling, thus increasing the total efficacy of central heating. Let’s consider what general steps do you have to make in order to find out how to install a new central heating pump

How to install a central heating pump?

Let’s take the hardest option and guess that your house is not a newly-built one making which you have had planned the central heating upfront. No, let’s assume that your house is an old mansion that was heated by a fireplace and/or occasional electric heating in each room when required.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to define a type of heating pump that you will use. Whether it’ll be an air-source, water-source or ground-source. The details about each of them are available in our other articles on the site and from there, you can find out approximate central heating pump prices , what are their features, what coefficients of performance they have and other useful data. No matter a pump of what source you select, for the central heating, it is required that it was the one-to-water pump. Not one-to-air but one-to-water – as this’ll allow you to connect them to your water heating central system. This will replace your current boiler if you have had one.
  2. The next thing – is getting ready to damages of your house: pipes of a heating system will definitely go through outer and inner walls of the house. You should know that every room you connect to a central heating should have two walls damaged at least when making holes in them – to put pipes of a central heating pump through.
  3. The next thing to buy is a number of radiators to locate on the wall of every room. The best place for that is under a windowsill as it has, as a rule, the worst insulation from the outer environment and such radiator’s location will make air going from the window to you get heated up.
  4. As a heat pump’s pipes will go through your outer wall, it is better to do it from the foundation in order to hide those ugly pipes and to restore the previous look of your house the way it was before the renovation.
  5. The next thing is to install inner and outer modules of a heat pump itself – and this must be done exclusively by specialists as this work is the same as plumbing – if done badly, nothing will work properly and the warranty is off. Specialists will install every module, conduct a work on joining the system to the pipes and radiators you have installed in your house (a good company like Husky Heat Pumps Ltd. will do all steps for you, starting from preliminary investigation of an installation site to a complete turnkey range of works).

How much to install central heating pump

The costlier thing is the heat pump itself. The next goes price for all auxiliary works and materials (they are briefly described in actions 2-4 of the list above). The bigger your house is and the more premises will be connected to heating, the more expenses are to be born. Altogether, a heat pump may cost £21.000 in the worst case, not considering auxiliary costs.

The next stage goes insulation itself. The poorly insulated house, as it has been proven for numerous times on practice, loses up to 40% of its heat. A tremendously huge number! To avoid it, you have to make/renew insulation of your walls, windows, attic, basement, floors, and roof.

We now hope that we have answered at least some of your question in the matter of how much does central heating pump cost . Be sure to address our specialists if you have any question to ask us about heat pumps.

All figures and numbers are approximate and stated for information only. Figures for your property may vary. Subject to survey.

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