Heat Genius allows you to reduce your household energy consumption, by only heating the rooms you are using. Through managing the heating of each individual room in the house, and learning the best schedule automatically, it helps you to save money and energy with no loss of comfort.

Heat Genius also allows you to control your heating on a room by room basis. By using our unique radiator valves, you can completely control the temperature in any room with the valve installed.

Remote Control

Wherever you have internet access, you can check your heating, as the Heat Genius system can be controlled from a computer, tablet or smartphone, using our free app.

Heating History

The Heat Genius system records your heating history, allowing you to see all the changes in the heating usage and potential energy savings.

Linked Rooms

You can easily link rooms, so that they come on at the same time, making them quicker to schedule.

Hot Water

If you have a hot water tank, use our Heat Genius Hot Water Controller to schedule your hot water when you need it.

Weather Compensation

The Heat Genius system takes into account the weather outside, warming your rooms up earlier when it’s really cold, to make sure the room is comfortable for when you want to use it.

Easy To Setup & Adjust

It takes minutes to set up for the first time, and only seconds to adjust the schedule or the temperature. To make it even easier, you can copy your settings between days and rooms.

All figures and numbers are approximate and stated for information only. Figures for your property may vary. Subject to survey.

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