pros and cons of air source heat pump

Are air source heat pumps any good ?

Let’s consider the technology itself to try to figure out.

The UK uses heat pumps lesser than some neighboring countries such as Switzerland or Austria. That is because of historical reasons and some still existing debates about the goodness of technology. But even more, the introduction process depends on the legislative directives in the UK promoting the installation and use of heat pumps.


Buying heat pumps in UK may be really profitable only in two major cases:

  • when a social landlord is interested in making high investments now to decrease the running costs of heating later, over the years
  • when it is installed in a brand new house during its construction.

The second point is very essential as much lesser money is spent on installation in a new building than when it goes to disruption of the existing building to install the system. Usually, basement, floors, and some walls are disrupted and this cost may eventually be uncovered with the future financial savings. Add proper insulation to expenses and receive the amount that may repel you.

But with the introduction of RHI compensation scheme, it becomes more alluring to every house owner, as they may receive around 50% of the spent money during 7 years, depending on how they use the heat pump and from which source of heating they shifted on to heat pumps. You may read more about this legislative initiative and know whether you may use it.

Heat pumps reviews

During the years of use of heat pumps in the UK, air source heat pumps explained in a way that this technology is for saving money and making the environmental impact lesser. People that installed it, however, have various outlooks on the topic, as they all have different conditions of living and running houses, and so the effectiveness will differ depending on:

  • how well your house is insulated
  • how is it located in space – how is it blown by winds, illuminated by the sun, does it heated by the soil it is standing on or is it chilled by anything
  • how energy efficient it is generally – was it built a long time ago, using old technologies or is it modern and efficient
  • how the owner uses heating, to what extent, what temperature is yearly average inside the house and so on.

All these and the other factors influence the variety of air source heat pumps reviews UK . Some people don’t find them really effective compared to what they have had before. While some consider them a real salvation of the family budget as now they will have low running costs of heating and a life span of a pump in around 50 years without repairing! So, as you can see, everyone has the own answer on the question ‘Are heat pumps good for you’.

Pros and cons of heat pumps


  • They can work all year round
  • They are up to 3 times more effective than any other heating system
  • The installation costs are covered naturally by lowering the heating bill in around 10-20 years and even more – RHI legislation covers some part of initial costs making the refund point as close as 5-10 years
  • The technology is simple to use
  • With their help, not only air heating can be done but also running water for the hygienic needs can be heated
  • The shift from every type of fuel and heating system will be profitable in run and maintenance costs.


  • They can be noisy, especially when started and stopped. In some areas, sounds over 60 or 70 decibels on the street are prohibited at night, while some models of heat pumps make noise up to 90 dB. Usually, though, their noise level ranges between 50 and 60 dB
  • They still have some carbon footprint
  • They are hard and expensive to install
  • It is expensive to install the system in the old house as disruption cost is high and with a high degree of probability, will not be recouped over the years (except for social landlords)
  • In the winter, the temperature may be not enough to heat up the running water to the acceptable temperature
  • Below some temperatures, air pumps will not generate heat and their upgrade will cost you extra thousand pounds

As you can see, there are many reasons for buying heat pumps just as refraining from it. If you decide to jump on it, you may find buying guide heat pumps useful as it contains much information on everything you should know.

All figures and numbers are approximate and stated for information only. Figures for your property may vary. Subject to survey.

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Are heat pumps worth for your investments?