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RHI is an initiative from the UK government, which provides you with a particular yearly return for the renewables usage. The program is known as “Renewable Heat Incentive” scheme. With the help of a special calculator, it is possible to estimate the earning over a certain period of the renewable resources application.

If you want to get the required data, just complete a corresponding form. The estimations of your earnings will be sent to you via email. The results will include the fuel savings form the program as well. Thus, you can see a full picture of the advantages of the renewable energy application in order to heat your apartment.

Before you can effectively use the program, it’s vital to understand, which category you belong to. They are as follows:

  • the residential properties/houses (it’s called domestic RHI)
  • industrial, public, commercial, and the other non-domestic properties.

The domestic RHI calculator is aimed at supporting the country in the achievement of a certain target (to reach 12% renewable energy by 2020). It was worked out for England, Wales, and Scotland in 2014. You pay the tariff payments for the application of the renewable energy devices in your house. What is more, the scheme is able to cover the spending on the installation of the devices providing you with the fixed yearly payments.

The essentials of RHI

The energy consumption of the renewable resources totaled almost 9% in 2016. In 2015, the amount was 8.2%. In general, the electricity, which might be renewed, totals 24.5% of the whole amount, while the renewable heating energy and transport total 6.2% and 4.5% correspondingly. The United Kingdom has even managed to exceed the targeted amount of 7.5% reaching 8.5% of renewables. Moreover, the renewable heating energy has increased more than 10% thanks to the support of RHI. In 2016, the amount totaled 15%, indicating the substantial increase in comparison with the previous year.

The Renewable Products Incentive includes several types of the products:

  • biomass boilers
  • cookers
  • heat pumps (with the ground/air source)
  • solar panels (for instance, flat plates/evacuated tubes).

The systems listed above might be calculated by means of the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive calculator.

Consider the current rates per Kilowatt-hour of the domestic RHI (the information is actual for the period July 1—September 30, 2017):

  • 7.63 p (air-based equipment)
  • 19.64 p (ground-based equipment)
  • 3.85 p (biomass boilers/cookers),
  • 20.06 p (solar panels).

The payment rates for the program have grown in the spring-summer period of the current year. Thus, the tariffs for all the users have automatically increased.

The new rates have become as follows:

  • 10.18 p (air-based equipment)
  • 19.86 p (ground-based equipment)
  • 6.54 p (biomass).

The following categories of people are eligible for the program:

  • homeowners
  • people, building their own homes (the other new-built properties are not eligible)
  • the owners of the private properties
  • social housing owners.

The requests for RHI might be made during a year after the setting of the system. You’ll require the MCS certificate numbers and the EPC number (which isn’t more than two years old). The returns will be made for 7 years.

The growth of the heat pumps usage in the United States started in 1992 when a corresponding initiative was created by EPA. It promoted energy efficiency offering the tax credits. Nevertheless, the tax credits are offered only for the constructions enumerated in the EPA list.

How much money is it possible to earn with the RHI program?

The full amount greatly depends on the individual features such as the size of a property, the amount of heating energy needed, and the kind of the renewable product you use.

The domestic RHI calculator heat pump applies the average demand of heat for a certain property’s size for a year and the current kWh rate. Thus, the calculator multiplies the average heating energy demand by the corresponding RHI tariff depending on the technology applied.

You should remember that there’re particular limitations to the return of money. The heat demand limits in the United Kingdom for the heat pumps must be taken into consideration while calculating the earnings. They indicate the maximum amount of the renewable heat, which will be returned. Besides, to find out the operational effectiveness of the equipment installed in 2017, it is required having the filtered electricity meters.

The limits are as follows:

  • 20,000/30,000 kWh (for the air/ground source heat pumps)
  • 25,000 kWh (for the biomass boilers).

A good RHI calculator will provide the users with the accurate and clear information on the earnings you can receive. One of the effective calculators might be observed at https://renewable-heat-calculator.service.gov.uk/Default.aspx.

All figures and numbers are approximate and stated for information only. Figures for your property may vary. Subject to survey.

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What is Domestic RHI calculator?