If you plan to install a heat pump at your home, the first thing you need to do is to calculate the energy consumption and, consequently, the financial costs. Until 30.11.16 Husky Heat Pumps Ltd. is offering this service free of charge (normal cost is £100).

Why is technical inspection required?

Firstly, based on detailed measurements, we will provide you the exact cost of the heating system and installation, and provide performance of energy consumption. The patented technology iHO (Intelligent Home Optimisation), allows us to accurately predict your energy consumption and guarantee it!

Secondly, the results of the technical inspection are required in order to get an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and GDAR (Green Deal Advice Report). Based on these documents, we can guarantee not only your energy consumption, but also the amount of money that the government will pay you as part of the RHI program.

How is the inspection performed?

Technical inspection lasts about two hours. During this time our engineer will examine every room in your home and take measurements of the size of windows, ceiling heights and sizes of batteries.

Technical inspection is an essential step towards receiving full RHI payments, and economical and comfortable heating. Be sure to order before November 30!

September 27, 2016 1065

Free Technical Inspection if ordered before 30.11.16.