Heat Genius

Heat Genius is the world's first
temperature regulating system
for heat pumps

By heating only the rooms you are occupying, you can save money without any loss of comfort or convenience!

Wireless Radiator Valves enable you to set different temperatures for different rooms. The Heat Genius system learns your schedule, for example, if the first room you go to each morning is the bathroom, it will heat the room ready for when you wake.

Install Heat Genius
and have a guaranteed
heating bill!

The system will provide an option, whereby we can predict exact power consumption in your house, thus ensuring your utility bills. Should the bill amount be higher, you will be paid back the difference.

We develop, manufacture, install and maintain our heat pumps

Why Heat

We develop, manufacture, install and maintain our heat pumps
Weather Compensation

The Heat Genius system takes into account the weather outside, warming your rooms up earlier when it’s really cold, to make sure the room is comfortable for when you want to use it.

Weather Compensation
Remote Control

Wherever you have internet access, you can check your heating as the Heat Genius system can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone using our free app.

Remote Control
Heating History

The Heat Genius system records your heating history, allowing you to see all the changes in the heating usage and potential energy savings.

Why Husky heating pumps?
Hot Water

If you have a hot water tank, use our Heat Genius Hot Water Controller to schedule your hot water when you need it.

Hot Water
Easy To Setup & Adjust

It takes minutes to set up for the first time, and only seconds to adjust the schedule or the temperature. To make it even easier, you can copy your settings between days and rooms.

to Genius+

Enhanced Genius+ is a system provided with
intelligent room sensors and requiring
minimum control

We develop, manufacture, install and maintain our heat pumps
Presence Activated

The sensor responds to your presence and starts heating the room you are in, if entered at a time you would not normally be in the room. When you leave a room, it will be cooled down for the purpose of power saving. There is no need to push any buttons as Genius+ will do everything on your behalf!

Installation only by Husky engineers

The system automatically keeps a close watch on what rooms are used by you during a week and aligns the temperature settings with your habits thereafter. For example, if you are in habit of watching TV in your sitting room at night, it will be heated in advance.